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Integration with the Phaser HTML5 game engine

I would love to see some kind of "native" integration with the popular Phaser 3 game engine.

Perhaps the GameSparks JS client SDK already enables support, but the ideal case would be either a template + tutorial to get it running with GameSparks or a separate SDK for "painless" integration.

If you have not anticipated the upcoming rise of Facebook Instant Games (built on HTML5), that could be a big strategic oversight. :) Phaser support would strongly signal to the wave of developers jumping onto that bandwagon that your service would be a great fit for their games.

Hi Jason,

Apologies for the delayed response. I'll log this as an SDK feature request for you.



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Native for Phaser? JavaScript lib just works. :)

There is other, bigger problem with supporting HTML5 games on Facebook Instant Games platform - there no ready to use authorization method for this. Right now I try figure out how to work without that, I can verify signature provided by FB Messanger but I don't how to create new player if it doesn't exists, with enabled Mongo driver this was easy but without that... There is not cloud API for creating players.

Do you have any suggestions how to deal with this?

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Also, description about Facebook platform itself is available on (probably access to open beta is required if link deosn't work).

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