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Are you still accepting indie&student programme?

Hello, I've applied for the indie license but never got a reply. Is there any restriction/requirement other than filling the application form(For example, only american/european countries allowed)? How long does it usually take for you guys to review an application? It would be nice to hear some update
(even if it would be that my application was denied or that you are busy to review and I have to wait for a while or currently not accepting an application etc etc).

After trying other BaaS, I still would like to use GameSparks. But without knowing I willl be able to use the service or not, I can neither keep developing on the test server nor switch to other BaaS service.

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Hi Elin,

When did you apply exactly ? It can take up to 10 working days to get a response.



Thanks for your reply. I've applied 3 days ago so I'll wait for a response.



After your pricing change on February 19th, 2019: Is the indie&student programme still active ?

And.. because some indie teams need a very long time to finish their games..... will it most likely be active for the next years ?



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I am really interested in an answer because I think $299 is not a good deal for an indie to be able to publish the game.

So please, is the indie&student programme still active ?

Oh just had this idea: What about an indie developer program to use Gamesparks for "free" if you have an Amazon Prime account ? xD

Hey all,

Just to give you an update: The indie program was canceled and there are no more discounted offers for indie developers! :(

Looks like Amazon messed Gamesparks up. And Gamesparks forgot about their own roots!

What a shame!


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