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Callback REQUEST_HEADERS data.

Spark.getData() on a callback "REQUEST_HEADERS" field is empty. It should have the request data from the server calling the callback.

It doesn't have Request URL, Content-Type, Content-Length or any other request headers.

Would love this feature


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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for logging this feature request. I'll run it by the dev team. Do you have a particular use case for it ? 



I want to verify what server is requesting the callback page.

So I can choose to allow or deny it.

The extra header info would be very useful in verifying it as well. 

Important data from xsolla is sent in the headers as well.

I also need to header for oauth secret, token, etc, but can’t seem to get it.

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I'm running into this issue as well; is there any progress on this? I need to verify an OAuth token coming from an Authorization header, and I can't obtain it.

Oh man, I have to get our partner company to encrypt or sign because you didn't allow access to the headers.  Even getClientIp doesn't work.

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