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Callback REQUEST_HEADERS data.

Spark.getData() on a callback "REQUEST_HEADERS" field is empty. It should have the request data from the server calling the callback.

It doesn't have Request URL, Content-Type, Content-Length or any other request headers.

Would love this feature


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I also need to header for oauth secret, token, etc, but can’t seem to get it.

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I'm running into this issue as well; is there any progress on this? I need to verify an OAuth token coming from an Authorization header, and I can't obtain it.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for logging this feature request. I'll run it by the dev team. Do you have a particular use case for it ? 



Important data from xsolla is sent in the headers as well.

Oh man, I have to get our partner company to encrypt or sign because you didn't allow access to the headers.  Even getClientIp doesn't work.

I want to verify what server is requesting the callback page.

So I can choose to allow or deny it.

The extra header info would be very useful in verifying it as well. 

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