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MatchNotFoundMessage not working

Using the code from the Real Time Multiplayer example in your learning section:

GameSparks.Api.Messages.MatchNotFoundMessage.Listener = (message) => {


   matchDetails.text = "No Match Found...";


I'm not getting this event consistently when I search for matches with just one user and let it sit for a long duration. I've tried setting the TANK_BATTLE match making period to various values to see if this would make an impact but I can't seem to get consistent results.

What would cause the MatchNotFoundMessage event from not being sent? Is it sent but not heard? Are there logs I can investigate to see what's happening on the backend?

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Looks like I re-imported the demo's scriptable object that had old api key and secret already set. So this overwrote mine and the behavior I was seeing was due to me connecting to some demo game account. I have since reset the key/secret and tested again and I am getting consistent MatchNotFoundMessage events that occur at the duration I have specified in the Match threshold settings.

You might want to zero-out that api key/secret info in your downloadable demo project since there's probably no real reason for people to have that info or connect to a game that is not theirs.

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