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please add a request to simulate purchases.

- it should only be callable in preview mode

- it takes the virtual good short code and an expected result as input (quantity optional)

- it should respond with a BuyVirtualGoodResponse with the same structure and semantic as the other [Store]BuyGoodsRequests

expected result is one of:

- Success: simulates a valid receipt and awards the virtual good (or currency pack contents) to the player

- InvalidReceipt: simulates an invalid receipt. nothing is awarded

- DuplicateReceipt: simulates a duplicate receipt. nothing is awarded

- InternalError: simulates an internal error (i.e. cannot connect to apple servers)

- (other error cases that make sense to distinguish)

use cases:

1) when testing via Test Harness custom cloud code in either BuyVirtualGoodResponse or a custom LogEvent that calls BuyGoodRequest(s)

2) when testing the game in the Unity Editor

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Hi Mauro,

Thanks for logging this feature request. we'll run it by the team for you,.



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