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GameSparks, Multiple Developers, Best Practices


Don't you think it is really hard to have multiple developers in a single project. As far as I understand there is no way of running GameSparks locally, so you have to save the server to see the effects of your changes. Another developer should also do that. And that can break your flow. The development environment is also really primitive, and if you are using your own server for versioning(git) it is also a problem. I kindly want to know your workflow, how do you tackle these problems, the best practices for teams that have at least 3 programmers? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Guchan,

You can link your GitHub or Bitbucket accounts and use them to sync any local Cloud Code changes from your own repos to GameSparks. Once your 3 programmers have synced their work to a repo you can then sync it with Gamesparks. We have a guide on how to do this here.



We don't use Github or Bitbucket (I think we should but there lots of people to persuade). We use Gitlab on our own servers. That's why we have so many problems with syncing in the first place. And what about saving your code without breaking others' flow? What do you suggest?

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