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GetTeamRequest Unity Issue


I found another topic here from two years ago but did not have a solution similar to my issue here.

I am trying to get team members using the following code,


            new GetTeamRequest()
                .Send((response) =>
                    if (!response.HasErrors)

GSEnumerable<GetTeamResponse._Player> members = response.Members;
foreach (GetTeamResponse._Player user in members)
                                    IsOnline = (user.Online == true);
                                    fbID = user.ExternalIds.GetString("FB");
                                    ID = user.Id;
                                    friendDisplayName = user.DisplayName;
                                    PicUrl = "" + fbID + "/picture?width=100&height=100";

                                    memberId.Resize(memberId.Length + 1);
                                    memberId.Set(memberId.Length - 1, ID);

                                    DisplayName.Resize(DisplayName.Length + 1);
                                    DisplayName.Set(DisplayName.Length - 1, friendDisplayName);

                                    memberPhotoLink.Resize(memberPhotoLink.Length + 1);
                                    memberPhotoLink.Set(memberPhotoLink.Length - 1, PicUrl);

                                    memberIsOnline.Resize(memberPhotoLink.Length + 1);
                                    memberIsOnline.Set(memberPhotoLink.Length - 1, IsOnline);


I receive all info needed as JsonString but all actual values return empty values, I have a similar code to this for JoinTeamRequest and I do receive all team members properly. but this one seems like it does not work.

thank you

Hi Naser,

Are you getting the same results when using the Test Harness?


Test harness works fine, on Unity3d, response.JSONString works well too, but cannot get the variables in my code to have a value.

, I use the same exact code for Join team request and it works flawless, I also get all the variable upon JoinTeamResponse. I Attached a picture of the JSONstring response from GetTeamRequest.

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