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How long to get license?

 How long does it typically take to get the indie license and move from Preview to Live? I applied for it about 24 hours ago and haven't from GameSparks yet. I am ready to release the game, just waiting on the license.

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I have the same problem. I am working on a time sensitive game and need deployment to the app stores as soon as possible. I applied for the license 24 hours ago and haven't heard anything back. How long will it take to change my license to the indie one?

Hi Guys,

It usually takes 2 - 3 working days for your application to be reviewed. I'll pass this on to the relevant team. Please keep an eye on your inbox for an update in relation to this.



Thanks Liam, I just got the license.

I would suggest this information (that the license can take 2-3 days) be made more clear and readily available. It didn't really affect me much but it can potentially mess up a carefully planned launch date.


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I really think the application for indie license should be in the initial registration of the account particularly the initial registration asks what account you need, the current situation can cause a lot of confusion and publication delay as it happened with us in the last two days.  

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