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GSRequestData not supporting JArray

I wanted to send a JSON document in form of a JArray (serialized List) from Unity to Cloud Code.

Unfortunately, the method.


var list = new List<int>(){1,2};
var jsonString = JsonConvert.Serialize(list);
var req = GSRequestData(jsonString);

    returns an empty object  



One workaround was to nest the List into another object.


var jObj = new JObject();
jObj.Add("List", lis);

var req = new GSRequestData(jObj);

 results in the correct output




I would suggest that you either change GSRequestData or add GSRequestDataList.

1 person has this problem

Similiar problem in ue4 blueprints...


It would be great to actually receive an answer from the support.

Hi Heiko,

Apologies for the delayed response. We'll raise this with the SDK team for you.



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