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Unity il2cpp build problem (WindowsPrincipal::IsMemberOfGroupId - "This call is not supported by il2cpp")

I get this error when building/running using il2cpp:

"NotSupportedException: C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Data\il2cpp\libil2cpp\icalls\mscorlib\System.Security.Principal\WindowsPrincipal.cpp(20) : Unsupported internal call for IL2CPP:WIndowsPrincipal::IsMemberOfGroupId - "This icall is not supported by il2cpp."

at GameSparks.Core.GamesparksUtil.Write (System.String p)

at GameSparks.GameSparksWebSocket.Open()

at GameSparks.Core.GSConnection.EnsureConnected()

at GameSparks.Core.GSConnection..ctor (GameSparks.Core.GSInstance gs, GameSparks.Core.IGSPlatform gsPlatform, System.String currentUrl, System.Boolean shouldTimeout)

at Gamesparks.Core.GSInstance.Initialise (GameSparks.Core.IGSPlatform platform)

at GameSparks.Platforms.PlatformBase.Start()

Am I doing something wrong here....?

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Sorry, forgot to mention, building for Android using SDK version

Using Mono backend works fine.


I got the same error on Do you plan to make IL2CPP work anytime soon?

Hi Guys,

I'll check in with the SDK team in relation to this for you.



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what's the status?

We're also seeing this same error running Unity 2017.3.1p4. This is a show stopper for us using Game Sparks.

how's the status?

i got the same error in android build.

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