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Authentication on dedicated servers

I have successfully set up few dedicated servers on AWS instances. I am able to retrieve their IP's and move players to the corresponding levels. Everything seems fine when one user is logged in.
However, when the second user logs in, seems like it overrides the first user authentication data. Same goes for third, he logs in and two previous users are logged in to the same account.
In the end, all users play on this same account.

Am I doing something wrong (maybe with authentication), or it just isn't possible to make it work on a dedicated server?
If you need more details let me know


Hi Adrian,

Are you by chance using DeviceAuthentication for this process? How does the user authenticate? i.e do they send a request from their client to GameSparks?


Sorry, I forgot to mention I am using Unreal Engine 4 plugin, it may be important.
I am using standard GS Authentication Request, which requires username and password.
The process is pretty basic: when game starts player is connects to the login server, which is a separate server to handle login traffic. Then standard username/password window pops. Player enters his credentials and data is send to login server, if data matches then player gets respond and can process to next window - character selection etc.

I've tried several different settings, through GameMode, GameInstance, mixed, through game instance on client, even through Player Controller (both on client and server), in separate editors and different computers. Seems like I cannot get separate Gamesparks Object Instance for each client, like always only one exists and whenever someone logs in it gets its data and all players share it.

It works only in one specific case - when I launch two "games" as single players (without dedicated server). That made me think that dedicated servers aren't supported.


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