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Unreal Blueprints No Active Peers

I have followed the tutorial exactly.  My blueprints are setup exactly the same.  I have attached screenshots.  The onReadyDelegate event gets called once the match is made and loads my level.  But after that when i send data the onDataDelegate never gets called.  I noticed that getActivePeers is an empty array, and getPeerId returns nothing?  Can anyone assist with this because I'm stuck at this point.  What am I missing here?  Thanks!

P.S. My login and matchmaking request a literally copy and pasted from the example just with my updated match name.  The matchmaking request succeeds.

(475 KB)
(517 KB)
(505 KB)

During the onReady event if I print the length of the get peers array I get 2, but anytime I try to call it anywhere else I get 0.  Could I be getting disconnected from the session for some reason?  The Session variable is returning null after I've gone through onReady.

I don't mean to spam my own post but the problem seems to be the RTSession becomes null?  Any ideas on this?

 Hi Joshua do you at any time change level? Do you accidentally overwrite you reference? Can you walk me through what happens in your game from the moment of connection to losing reference of the session in bullet points please.



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