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Steam IAP

I'm not sure how to setup in app purchasing for Steam.


  • How do I setup the product prices in Game Sparks or Steam?
  • Where do I find a Steam Product Id?

I've already read the following:

So far I have completed:

  • Steam Authentication
  • Virtual Goods/Currencies in Game Sparks (Except Steam Product Id field)

Also I've implemented Google Play IAP without even using Game Sparks and it was quite easy.

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Hi Eric,

You'll need to do most of the configuration on the Steam side. Prices are set on Steam. You'll need to refer to the Steam documentation for more information in relation to this. Once your goods are configured you'll simply need to set up your Steam integration on Gamesparks and give each Virtual Good the appropriate Steam ProductId so that it can be awarded once it has been validated with the SteamBuyGoodsRequest. If you have any further questions then just let us know.



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