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Customize Push notifications for standard messages

Hello developers. 

I have a problem with sending standard notifications, like ChallengeChatMessage. I've to send customized parameters for Android devices. I've read these pages challengechatmessage.htmlmessages.html. When I try to change field "Android JSON Template (Advanced)" from null to something like 


  "tickerText": "${summary}",

  "subtitle": "${subTitle}",

  "title": "${title}",

  "messageCount": "1",

  "action": "OpenChat"


the push notifications don't show on devices. It happens with "Standard Messages" and it works fine if I use "ScriptMessage Extensions". Does anybody know how solve this problem?

With regards,



Hi German

What are you using for notifications FCM or GCM,

In the ChallengeChatMessage  settings have you turned "send as push" to ON and "Suppress push on Socket send " to OFF



Hi Katie, 

thank you for a response, we use GCM, in the ChallengeChatMessage the param "send as push" turned ON and "Suppress push on Socket send " to OFF. Maybe the problem is in the JSON file? Have I written all required params?

I see this error in logs, maybe it gives some ideas:

"The message {\"tickerText\":\"Nickname703 just said \"99\"\",\"subtitle\":\"Nickname703 just said \"99\"\",\"title\":\"${title}\",\"messageCount\":\"1\",\"action\":\"OpenChat\"} cannot be converted to a JSON object"

I found the problem, it was in the wrong quotes in the message template. ${who} just said "${message}", I've replaced two quotes to single and problem solved. 

Thank you.

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