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Get My Custom SDK: GSInstance in constructor


In the Unity game that I'm making, I've made a custom implementation of GSInstance, which I pass along to the event objects like so: 

GSInstance Instance = ...;

new AuthenticationRequest(Instance)

 The problem is that classes generated with the 'Get My Custom SDK' button do not accept a GSInstance in their constructor, even though their base class does accept it. This means that I have to rewrite the constructors of these classes from:

public LogEventRequest_MyCustomEvent() : base("LogEventRequest"){
    request.AddString("eventKey", "MyCustomEvent");


public LogEventRequest_MyCustomEvent(GSInstance instance) : base(instance, "LogEventRequest"){
    request.AddString("eventKey", "MyCustomEvent");

 every time I pull the SDK. I would like to see that these constructors were created automatically.


Niels Nijholt

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