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Bulk Process - When Finished?

Hello, I do not know if this has already been answer, or, if it is possible. Search turned up nothing.

Simply: What is the easiest way to tell if a Bulk Process scheduled via Spark.getBulkScheduler().submitJobModule is complete? I noticed there's a listBulkJobs function in the bulk scheduler, which will return a list of ids for the jobs. However, how to use this id to tell if a job is complete? And if all jobs for all playersIds are complete?

One more question. Is there anyway a job produced via scheduler.inSeconds can fail?


Also, sending messages vis Spark.message, what are the load restrictions here? How many messages are we capable of sending per frame?

Hi Wesley, 

For this you can use a ListBulkJobsAdminRequest. If you supply an ID to the bulkJobIds field it will provide you with various data on the supplied jobs. 

Scheduled cloud code must adhere to the rules and conventions of any cloud code. This includes having an execution time under 30 seconds and adhering to best practices. 

For your last question, by the sounds of things you plan on generating a lot of messages. This can cause issues especially when accompanied by schedulers and bulk schedulers. 

Refer to our fair usage policy and system limits for guidance. 

Best Regards, Patrick. 

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