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need help in integrating firebase with Gamesparks

I was trying to follow this tutorial and had some questions:

-In Integration/Google:: FCM Message Template: How does a message template get populated and used/sent ?

From the tutorial:


  "notification": {
  "title": "${title}",
  "body": "${summary}"



Where does summary and title get populated from ?

- How can I include game icon in this message that gets sent out ?


- How can I send out a push notification from gamesparks ? For example: Coming soon - bla bla feature! Where do I go in GS to send that to all the users ?

- Firebase enables to send users to subscribed topics ? How do I implement that with GS ?

- To use Push notifications, do I need to have the user/device authenticated ?

Can someone help me out with this please?


An example of message population can be found towards the end of the tutorial:


var msg = Spark.message(null);
msg.setMessageData({"title":"test title","body":"test body"});


That's one example of using a scriptMessage and populating it with data, then later down we change the template to accommodate that.

Summary and Title are populated in the message configuration settings under Configurator->Messages->Click on a message type.

I'm not sure on how you'd include an Icon, it depends on what you're developing on. Here's a forum post where one of our staff, Katie, explains how to do it I'm not sure on the details however.

You can use a bulk job to send a notification to all your players by sending them a script message via Cloud Code. Check

If I understand what that means then we already cover it in the tutorial using PushRegistrationRequest.

I am assuming the player does not have to be authenticated, since the device is getting registered in the Push Registration Request.

I hope this helps,


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