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1v1 Asynchronous Tic Tac Toe in Unity

Hi everyone, 

I'm working on a simple turn based asynchronous game in Unity and was happy to discover this tutorial:

Except for the fact that it's written for Corona and not Unity.

I'm very new to Gamesparks and am still figuring out the different tools, so any tips on how to adapt the code for Unity would be great. 

Thanks a lot!

Okay I've managed to adapt the tutorial to Unity. My next step is trying to figure out how to make the gameplay asynchronous. 

The idea is that the player can either join an existing game where the first turn has been played, or start a new game and play the first turn. 

How can this be accomplished with Gamesparks? It seems like the matchmaking process requires both players to be online at the same time.


I think what you need is challenges...

Challenges allow you to send out invites to players rather than requiring them to be online at the same time.
There is also a built-in system that allows async turns to be taken from the server.

Now, with challenges you dont need both player online to send out invites. You just send the invite from one player and the recipients can accept whenever they see the message. After that, turns can be taken whenver the players want. However, you do need to find the player for the challenge. If this is a friends-list or something like that then it can be done offline, but if you want matchmaking it does have to be with online players as players need to opt-in to a matchmaking pool.

If you can show us in steps how you are designing this process we can help you further.


Hi Gamesparks customer support,

I had previously visited a page with Unity (tic tac toe) game and Gamesparks integration, did Gamesparks remove that page? Do we only have Corona version for tic tac toe?

It will be very helpful if you can point me to Unity specific tutorials.



Hi I am having the same problem

can you guide me to the page with Unity (tic tac toe) game and Gamesparks integration?

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