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What counts as an active player or DAU?

When I look at my active players or DAU, I notice this is usually double the number of people actually playing the game.

Other than Spark.loadPlayer(), what are all the things that could trigger the count for an active player or DAU?

I'm also interested. Our DAUs on GameSparks are always way higher than other analytics providers we use.

Hi Guys,

From our terms of service “DAU”  meaning Daily Active Users, is the total number of unique users of Licensee Content in any given day who cause consumption of the Services. Consumption can be any server-side processing, such as message sends. 

For additional clarity, if GameSparks processes any request / response / message for a player, they are counted as a DAU/MAU, for example, a player has been inactive for a month, and that player receives a message from the server, that player is then counted as an MAU for the current month.



I'm curious about this, too. We have a suite of games with the requirement to have 1 login for all games. Since this isn't really supported, unless we use a social login, which we can't, we're looking at the possibility of creating a "Master" game that holds only cross-game data and creates local game accounts in individual games to hold data specific to that game. Thus, there's the possibility of getting billed extra for the added DAU. Is DAU counted on server-specific ID/secret calls, as well as client ID/Secret calls?

Hi Jaayden,

Push notifications to players will also count them as a DAU. I've noticed you game doesn't have a live snapshot. What sort of testing are you doing here ? Is it just deve testing or is there any sort of public beta test going on ? 



Right now its closed beta testing with under 100 players but I plan to switch to public eventually. Its a 2 player turn based game so turn push notifications are a key feature. So this means when using Push notifications, each player will get counted as 2 players?

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