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Changing leaderboard supplemental value


Is it possible to change a supplemental value of a leaderboard entry, after the score has been submitted?

I have a replay system that other players can see each other's replays via the leaderboard. But the player has to be able to decide if he/she want's the replay to be public. 

As of now I can decide upon posting the score. Any way to change this afterwards? Thought about deleting and then resubmitting the score but that would trigger new high score events and all that...



Posting the same score again with a new supplemental value wouldn't trigger the highscore message I think. It will just override the previous entry.

Would that work for you?


Yeah that would work but I've read in your docs that posting the same score again with the same value will keep the old entry... Though I haven't tried it yet because of this reason. Will do.

Hi Bart,

Omar is correct here. The LAST attribute will always change to what was supplied in the last request. So if the score is the same but the LAST attribute is different it will update that value only.



But if I set the Default Aggregation Type in the event to LAST instead of SUPPLEMENTAL then in my leaderboad I have to pick a group... Which I don't quite understand why... what should I choose there then?

I'm already using the score value grouped at MAXIMUM and a stage ID string grouped with PARTITION.

Hi Bart,

I've tested with LAST and supplying a new LAST value with a score of the same size will trigger a NewHighscoreMessage. A score of less than the current high score with a new LAST value won't trigger the message. Are you using a custom running total or the event running total on the leaderboard ? If it's the event one you won't have to pick a group value for the LAST attribute.



I'm not using a custom running total... But I still have to pick a group for Replay. (see screenshot)

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