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Unity android app with GameSparks


I've setup sending and receiving data in Unity editor and everything works fine, but after building app on android device there's no way to send data to server. Is there any way to achieve this? 

Second issue: is there any limitation on string length? I was sending an email to server as string but it is too long and i get cutted email..

Thanks for help.

Hi Dariusz,

One thing you can do is use LogCat to debug your app, this will allow you to see your connection, messages sent and received etc. Exactly what data you are trying to send to GameSparks from your android app? 

There should not be a string character limit, but there is a request size system limit of 256Kb per Request, you can find out more on our system limits here. Can you test the String you want to send in the Test Harness and let me know how it goes?



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Thanks for your reply,

I'll try to debug my app with this and see what's going on.

I wanted to send username and email, when i tried to sent string up to about 30 letters it cut few first letters.

At Test Harness it gives me this "NOTAUTHORIZED", but actually i don't need any authorization, only storing some emails.

Hi Dariusz,

Could you try testing your flow of sending data in the Test Harness and tell me your steps in order?

For sending requests you must be Authorized with the platform before sending any events, that is why you are getting the Not Authorized error.



Test Harness -> LogEvent -> SendUserDataEvent -> put some text into my fields -> send request That's it. In Unity i've got script called GameSparkUnity.cs and there i have settings configured to my project

Hi Dariusz,

Could you try,

Test Harness -> Authentication Request - SendUserDataEvent -> Put text into fields -> Send Request.



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