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Are Teams required to be 'Social' in order to use SendTeamChatMessageRequest properly?

Was seeing some real inconsistencies in the use of SendTeamChatMessageRequest - trying to send messages to all members of a team.  Essentially most/all members that were online (even in testharness) would not receive the message.

It wasn't until we started messing with the 'social' and 'extended social' options for Teams that stuff started working properly.

Is this expected?

Hi Jeff,

No you shouldn't need to set those to get messages to team members. How big is the team ? Are you testing with all players online or some on and some off ? Are you testing on devices or in the test harness ?



Small teams - just 2 folks (sometimes 3)
We are testing with 2 players online - sometimes one in test harness - sometimes one on device (sometimes both on device).  
We certainly 'reproduced' it working flawlessly with the social flags 'on' -and NOT working with them off. 
We'll try to produce a standalone test case I guess

We haven't been able to reproduce SOLEY from using test harness though.  Going to try a simple unity sdk/test harness combination and see if we can determine anything.

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