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I'm trying to write the Unity code to sign in to GameSparks with a Facebook AccessToken. I've imported the latest Facebook for Unity SDK and when I run my game under the Windows editor, the Facebook SDK pops up a box asking for my User Access Token. I copy and paste the User Token from my Facebook Developers page and the Facebook Log In is successful but when I try to pass the access token to FacebookConnectRequest, the GameSparks' servers reply with {"FACEBOOK":"NOT_CONFIGURED"}. I don't see this error documented anywhere. Do I have to set something up in my Facebook App's developer page?

Hi Peter,

You have to configure the Facebook integration on the Portal to do this. You can read more about how to do this here. Currently your game doesn't have a Facebook integration configured so that is why you are receiving this error.



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Found it ... got it working now thanks! Maybe you can add this to the Error Codes on this page:

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Just stumbled upon this challenge, definitely worth updating the cods IMHO.



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