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Construct2 Integration

I download the sample project that is included with the Construct SDK. I replaced the defaults with my api credentials and changed the username and password calls to reflect a user I created.


Then I just ran the game using NWJS. Initially, the output displayed event "UNKNOWN". So I created an entry in the Events tab, entitled "001". No attributes were created...just the entry. Now I run the game and the output is:


I'm assuming because there isn't any CloudCode behind the event this is all I'm getting, is that correct?

That Score text is linked to a global variable named "score". How do I simply add a value of 500 to that?

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Hi, Quickplay Games,

Yes, if there is no Cloud Code behind your custom LogEvent, then you will receive an empty response object. 

Events are used to push and pull data to/from GameSparks, so in this context, you would want to send the event at the end of a "round" where you are posting a score, or perhaps retrieving a score when you begin around and displaying it to the screen. These are just some examples, there are a million things you can do with Events. 


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