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HeartStone Tutorial challenge multiple players


I've followed the HeartStone Tutorial and everything seems to work.
But I would like to match up more than 2 people, so in the MatchFoundMessage I need to fill up the request.usersToChallenge with a list of between 2 and 8 ids.
And I can't for the life of me figure out how to make that list. 
I have tried a bunch list declarations and for loops, but it keeps failing to send the challengeRequest.

I've got the feeling this shouldn't be to hard, so I'm probably missing something obvious :p

Thanks already

You'd need to create an array of match participant's id's (minus the id of the player creating the challenge). For example:

var participants = Spark.getData().participants;

if(Spark.getPlayer().getPlayerId() === participants[0].id){

    var usersToChallenge = [];

    for(var i=1, l=participants.length; i<l; ++i){






    request.usersToChallenge = usersToChallenge;





Awesome, that seems to do the trick!

Thanks a lot!

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