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Co-op turn based multiplayer game

Hi I'm new to GameSpakrs and I'm trying to develop a Co-op turn based game. I'm not sure whether I should use turn based challenge or real time service since in my game all the players are doing some thing at the same time on player's turn and then is AI's turn. Overall this is still a turn based game between players and ai however players are not doing anything one by one but are free to do anything in player's turn.


 Hey Runpin,

Could you describe some features of your game so we can better help list out the feature you need from GameSparks and how you can put them together.
I think i'd help everyone on the forums out too.

We'd need to know things like..

  • GamePlay Style i.e. FPS, 2D, etc
  • Features, crafting, inventory management, trading, IAPs, etc
  • Multiplayer - Do you need matchmaking? How do player join together into a level?
  • How many players?
  • Do player need to be online at the same time?
  • How frequent do the players need updates about other players? i.e. <100ms or 2-3minutes?
  • What does the AI do? Does it work on all players in one turn or only take into account a single player's actions per turn?


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