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[UE4] How to perform Premade Team Matchmaking?

Hey there,

so I can't really see how to properly set this up with GameSparks.

In my UE4 game, people are either queuing up alone, with the normal "MatchMakingRequest" or they group up via the SteamParty System.

If they are in a Friend Party, the Leader can press "Search 5vs5 Game".

Now I found that one should use "createPendingMatch" for the 2-5 Players that are in this Party.
So I wrote an Event that the Leader calls. It passes all Players GameSparks IDs, loads the SparkPlayers from them and creates the pending match.

Now I need these Party Players to later be in the same team (5vs5).

That means when "OnMatchFound" happens, I need to know that these 2-5 players were together.
Same for other members.

I don't need to know that data in the actual matchmaking process (for now), but I need to pass it to the actual gameserver.
That means I need to pass "ID" and "Team (Blue/Red)". I can pass that already via my GameLift integration, but from createPendingMatch, over to finding the match and then making sure Players are in the correct teams, I'm struggling how to utilize GameSparks CloudCode.

When a match is found, can i somehow query in that matchfound message that these players are teamed up?
Should I maybe use the "TEAM" feature of GameSparks (would that help and if yes, how would I integrate here)?
I think I need to enable manual matchmaking, so I can quickly put them into red and blue team before actually accepting the match, or?

Thanks for any hints!

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