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Reward for Team Leaderboards


I know there is an easy way for giving rewards to players in standard leaderboards through Achievement Triggers. However I could not find a solution how to give rewards to players participating in Team Leaderboards. Is there any solution how to do this? What I need is to give rewards to the each member of a Team based on ranking of their Team in Team Leaderboards. So for example if the Team "A" ends on 1st place in Team Leaderboard at the end of a week I want to give all members of this team 100 gems. For the 2nd Team 90 gems etc...etc.. for the whole Team Leaderboard. 

I tried to add Achievement with trigger to the Team Leaderboard but the achievement does not trigger (or does not know who should receive it?). For standard leaderboards it works fine. Any solution/workaround how to achieve this behaviour on GameSparks?



thanks a lot for your reply. Actually the workaround is not needed as achievements triggered on Team Leaderboards in fact works perfectly :) As you said, they give achievement to the Team as well as all players in the guild. So any rewards attached to this achievement are granted to all players of the guild. The mistake I was doing was not specifying correct partition when reseting the leaderboard data. Anyway thanks a lot for your effort and hopefully this thread will help other developer as well.

Hi Jan,

If an achievement is configured on a team leaderboard it gets awarded to the team instance itself as a team achievement rather than the individual team members. What you could do here is use the ChallengeWonMessage Global Cloud Code script to load the team with SparkTeam and get the memberIds. This will return an array of playerIds. You can then use this array to add any other individual achievements that you like with the SparkPlayer addAchievement call in Cloud Code. Does that sound like it will work for you ? 



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