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Migration from PlayFab to GameSparks

Hi all,

My client is interested in migration from PlayFab to GameSparks. I have some general questions (without technical details): 

1) What major difficulties can we potentially face with during this kind of migration? Does GameSparks offer out-of the-box solutions for migration from other platforms? 

2) Can we integrate GameSparks with 3rd party GameAnalytics service that we currently use ( for analytics tracking? I did not find mentions of this service on the GameSparks website.

3) What points does typical GameSparks SLA include?

We have 6k MAU and we are afraid of difficulties on scrapping DB of their accounts and user data during migration... 


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Hi Ivan,

There is no one size fits all solution for this but if you'd like to raise a ticket with support here we can go into this in more detail with you.



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