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Error ChallengeInstanceId: ISSUED


I'm getting this error

  "@class": ".LogChallengeEventResponse",
  "error": {
    "challengeInstanceId": "ISSUED"

Whenever I try to call my custom Challenge Event GET_PLAYERS.

The event called looks like this:

var challenge = Spark.getChallenge(Spark.getData().challengeInstanceId);

var acceptedPlayers = challenge.getAcceptedPlayerIds();

Spark.setScriptData("Player1", acceptedPlayers[0]);

Spark.setScriptData("Player2", acceptedPlayers[1]);

Spark.setScriptData("Player3", acceptedPlayers[2]);

Spark.setScriptData("Player4", acceptedPlayers[3]);

and is invoked from my C# script like this:

public void GetPlayers()


  LogChallengeEventRequest req = new LogChallengeEventRequest ();

  req.SetEventKey ("GET_PLAYERS");

  req.SetChallengeInstanceId (PlayerData.ChallengeId);


  req.Send((response) =>


    if (!response.HasErrors)


     GSData data = response.ScriptData;

//Text fields

     loadedData[0].text = "Player1: "+data.GetString("Player1");

     loadedData[1].text = "Player2: "+data.GetString("Player2");

     loadedData[2].text = "Player3: "+data.GetString("Player3");

     loadedData[3].text = "Player4: "+data.GetString("Player4");




     Debug.Log ("GET_PLAYERS failed " + response.Errors.JSON.ToString());




I'm guessing that the ChallengeId is passed in the wrong way, but a helping hand would be nice!

Thanks in advance ! :-)

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I found a workaround using the LogEventRequest instead of LogChallengeEventRequest and then manually adding the ChallengeInstanceID as an event attribute.

I didn't test it, but my best guess is that the LogChallengeEventRequest only accepts started/running games and not, as the error indicates, ISSUED games. :-)

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