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No matter what I do (in Unity).

GS.GameSparksAvailable += HandleGameSparksAvailable;

never gets called - period.

I've tried Start, I've Tried Awake, none work. It just simply doesn't fire the event whatsoever.

And yes I have GameSparksUnity in the project.

And yes I got the settings file set up with my Key and Secret.

I am using 2017.1.0f3 Unity. On PC, Mac & Linux.

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 Hey David,

Can you share your HandGameSparksAvailable callback with us so we can check it out.

Otherwise try something like this in Start()

GS.GameSparksAvailable += (isAvailable) => {
 Debug.Log("GameSparks Connected...");
 Debug.Log("GameSparks Disconnected...");

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