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Spike Protection System for Charges

In a forum post on Feb 10, 2015, Oisin from GameSparks said:

"We offer a spike-protection system for charges*, if someone buys a game and only plays it once they don’t get counted; they need to play again after 24 hours of the original login to the game."

That sounded great until I looked at the asterisked small print which said:

Spike Protection offered as part of our Enterprise Package. For more details on this feel free to contact me.

This post was over 2 years ago. Does GameSparks now offer spike-protection on the Indie program too? I know you offer 100,000 MAUs for free which sounds fairly generous but one of my games was featured by Google Play a few years ago and as a result, enjoyed over 3 million downloads over the next 4 weeks but a lot of those were impulse, download, play for a few minutes and delete jobs as was revealed by Google's uninstall data. 3 million installs at $0.02 would be $60,000 for the month which could be quite a sting to an Indie if the game didn't monetize efficiently. So if the spike-protection isn't available on the Indie program then can you please enable it to be? I'm sure you'd be contacting me to convert to the Enterprise program at probably even higher costs per MAU if my new game gets those sort of download figures but it would be reassuring to know that I'd only be paying for my quality users if that kind of download spike happens while still on the indie program.

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Hi Peter,

I'll have a member of our sales team reach out to you to discuss this in more detail.



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