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Keep Messages unseen if only seen in Inspector?

Unless I am incorrectly understanding what's going on, it appears as though if a message is shown in the Inspector in the Test Harness, it is marked as "seen" in the playerMessage collection, even if the player did not receive it elsewhere (on a device / in the Unity editor).

This is annoying because it then will not send the player the message on next authentication, because the server thinks the message has already been seen.

My workaround is to manually modify the playerMessage collection to set the message's 'seen' field to 'false.' This works but is rather tedious. Is there some other approach that's less tedious / more automatic?



Hi Ryan, 

I wouldn't recommend the method you are using here. Editing system collections is not supported in any way. Is this just for testing when you have a Test Harness window and the Unity editor open as the same player ? 



That's exactly right Liam. I'm assuming I could accomplish this another way where I'm authenticated in the test harness as another user and send request as on a dummy event so that the message isn't delivered to the test harness...but this is all very complicated. So what's the best way to accomplish this?

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