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Leaderboard based on average move score

I'm creating board game where players get points per move.

How can I create leader board that is sorted by average move score?

 Hi Lukasz,

Average score per game? Or average score overall scored by the player in every game they have played so far?

Is this going to be a local leaderboard specific to a game instance or a global leaderboard keeping track of multiple game results collective?



Hi Omar,

It's going to be average overall in all games played so far and global leaderboard keeping track of all game results collective.


 Hi Lukasz,

You will need to calculate the game's average before adding it to the sum. You can do this in two ways:

-Through client: Keep track of the turns taken, and the score. Determine an average and post the score to the leaderboard.

-Through Cloud: Keep track of the turns taken and score on the player or challenge script data, at the end of the game, invoke an event to calculate the average and post it to the leaderboard

For both these options you'll need a leaderboard with an event that has a NUMBER input with a SUM default calc.

I hope this helps,


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