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Platform Release 2017-09-01

Hi Everyone,

We have another release for you today, which brings some very useful bug fixes and new features. Here's the details:

Story --- You can now set response headers in Callback URLs. 15109

Bug --- If a game's owner is changed and the new owner reverts to a game Snapshot created by a previous owner, the owner is no longer incorrectly reverted to the previous owner who created the Snapshot but retains the current game ownership. 14833

Story --- The SparkDigest API Documentation page now includes the word "CryptoJS", making it easier to search for this page in the Docs site. 14651

Bug --- If a game Collaborator's e-mail address contained more than one period character, this could cause problems when editing or deleting the Collaborator. This has now been fixed. 15371

Bug --- A UI bug in the the NoSQL Explorer has been fixed which made it look like you could edit or delete aggregated results. 15351

Story --- You can now use calculated values for Currency Cost Fields when segmenting them or varying them for Experiments. 14985

Feature --- When running Experiments, you can now vary the values of properties in your Property Sets. 14631

Feature --- Additional methods are now available for SparkDigest to allow effective chained hashing. 13717

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