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GetDownloadableRequest not working anymore


I'm working with Unity and AssetBundles. I always upload my files to the downloadables section and later I get it using GetDownloadableRequest()

Today, when I tried to get the URL it gave me an error. The stranger thing is that I didn't made changes in the script nor the server.

Anyone else is having this problem?

How could I know where the error is?

new GetDownloadableRequest().SetShortCode(name).Send((response) => {
 if (!response.HasErrors) {
 string url = response.Url;
 } else {

Thank you!

This is the returning error:

response.JSONString: {"@class":"ClientError","error":{"error":"timeout"},"requestId":"636326152641035860_57"}

Hi Fernando,

Apologies for the delayed response. Are you still see these timeouts ?



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