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GameSparks Logo Light Colour


The only GameSparks logos that I can find at the Dropbox link that I was provided are dark lettering on a white background. The style guide, however, also shows the reverse ((colour reverse black/grey)). Where could I get the reverse logo?


Hi Dean,

Which one are you referring to here exactly ? If you can post it here I'll check to see if it's available anywhere for you.



Hi, Dean,

Did you happen to find where to get that logo?


Hi Zoebert,

No, no one was able to help me. As I've mentioned previously, given that it is your requirement that people on the indie dev play display your logo, and your style guide specifies four acceptable versions of the logo, I'm baffled as to why one of your artists hasn't created one of each. Anyway, I downloaded and converted the dark text to white and it works well (at least at 1920 x 1080 resolution). I've attached a copy in case it is of any help to you.

Please don't read what I'm saying the wrong way; GameSparks' support has been phenomenal overall.


Can someone give me the link to the game sparks logo?


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