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Lobby/Room System With Limited Users

We are trying to create an automatic lobby system for our game. The lobbies need to have a limit and the player needs to automatically join a lobby with free space. If there are no free lobbies, a new one has to be created.

How do I do this on CloudCode? I am unable to access anything in ChallengeInstances.

I also noticed that the FindChallengeResponse doesn't specify whether the challenge has reached max members or not, is there any way I can know that?

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Apologies for the delayed response. You could do this with matchmaking. You can find the guide on matchmaking here. You can use the "Max Players" setting the limit the amount that can join and then simply make use of the MatchMakingRequest as a means of grouping players together. When you reach the max number you can add the players to a challenge or handle it however you see fit at that point.



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