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Saving participantData in MatchMakingRequest


I'd like to create a panel in my game where a player can choose between many match requests and join the one he likes.

To do so, I created a new match with a specific shortcode. Now I'd like to load all the matches with this shortcode into the panel. The maximum number of people per match is two. So I'd like to show some informations about the other person who created the match to the ones who choose to play with him/her.

Since these informations are not available in the FindPendingMatchesResponse data I'd like to assign some data to the match's participantData so that I can read them from the FindPendingMatchesResponse and show these info in the panel.

In the MatchmakingRequest, if the shortcode is the same of this kind of match, I'd like to add the infos, about the player who has created a new match, to the match. To do so I'd need the match ID.

How can I find it?

Is this a good way to go?

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Hi Andrea,

Apologies for the delayed response. If the maximum number of players is two then all you would need to do is have a player submit matchData with the MatchMakingRequest. When the matches are returned in the FindPendingMatchesRequest that matchData will eb present and the user can decide if they want to join that match based on the values in the object. The FindPendingMatchesRequest requires a shortCode to be supplied so that will load of the relevant matches for you. This you can get finer control over the returned matches here by making use of the matchGroup here too.



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