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Push Notifications not working since Live


Push notifications are not working since I went live. iOS and Android (FCM) both.

The recipient doesn't receive any notifications.There is no error in the script log collection though.

 Why is that?

NOTE: Push is registered and users have their push ID on their database entry.

 Hi Andrea

So push notifications are working on preview but not on live?

Can you explain when you are sending push notifications and how are you testing.



I am allowing to send push notifications on various GS messages, like ChallengeChatMessage, ChallengeAcceptedMessage, ChallengeTurnTaken and others.

I am testing it by sending a chat message for example, accepting a challenge or just playing turns.
I've also tested it in the Integrations page, but only for iOS since it's not possible to test for FCM from there, and my iOS device didn't receive any notification, the test went well from what the portal reported though. 

I've tested it from the Firebase console and it's working fine.

I did not re-checked if now with preview is sending push 
notifications, but it was working properly before going live for the first time. Should I check again in preview mode if it works? 

Hi Andrea

Is the app running when you are looking to get the notification?
Yes It would be good to make sure that preview is working using the same testing as on live.



The app is not running when I the notification is sent.

I think I've resolved this. I was waiting for GS.Available instead of GS.Authenticated to send the PushRegistrationRequest. Strange that it was working fine few days ago and I don't remember to have changed that. That may be the problem... that's definitely a problem.
There is a issue for iOS push notifications too which gives an error in script.log, I will tell you later. Thanks a lot for the support!

If I try to send a notification to a iOS device I get this error in the script.log collection:
"Connection closed by remote host".

It seems there is a problem with the production certificate... I'll check out.

Should I send a PushRegistrationRequest anytime the user opens the app or just the first time? Because it seems that the token expires after a while?

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