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Get Team size only

Ive build a Twitter-Follower-Kind System in Gamesparks, and i have a two questions about it.

Are there any limits on the Max Members in a Team ? Or can a player have 10k+ followers ?

Is there a possibilty to only get the Members Count of a specific team and not get every single Member ? For example GetMyTeamsRequest returns every single Member aswell, which might be not good when u have a lot of folloewrs.


Hi Fabian,


There should not be a limit on teams, when you configure your team, set the limit to 0, this sets the limit to infinite(No limit for the team).


It's not possible out of the box to query the specific member count of a team. One way this could be achieved is to store the number of members of a team in the players sciptData which is accessed through a custom event that can query the Team when it increases and decreases as the user gains/loses members to their team.




Thanks for your answer Ronan,

would it be possible to track that number in a leaderboard so i dont have take care of updating the scriptData ? Just fire an even when someone follows/unfollows and the number in the leaderboard gets decreased/increased ? So i dont have to take care of locking/unlocking and simultaneous reading/writing in the scriptdata field.

How would i configure a leaderboard that takes 3 integer values (we call them x y z) which can be incremented or decremented individually by script ? They dont have to be sorted or w/e, they will just be used as internal statistics.

Many thanks for your help !

Hi Fabian,

Within SparkTeam there is a call to return an array of the memberIds. You can can simply check the length of the returned array to get this number. You should bear in mind that most of the responses to do with teams will return the member info with it so the more members within it the more data that will be returned.



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