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Need help.... Unet and GameSparks

My game is a multiplayer game and i am using Unet for the networking... Now i am trying to use Gamesparks to save my player state (with the great serialization tutorial on this web site of yours..! ) but for now, the only thing i succeeded in, was to register/login the player saving / loading the player's data, but with a big problem: i am able to save only one of them.... (it is a 2 players online game).... I cant save both informations event wehn i try to save those 2 players states with 2 differents id or username, i just cant manage to do it.,. anyone can help??  Thank you!

    - Marc


Hi Marc,

Can you give us some more details here ? You've got 2 players in a game but you can't save the data for both of them ? It only saves for one of them ? Is that correct ? Can you talk us through what you are trying to achieve here ? Which SDK are you using ? 



I'm using UnitySDK and yes im able to save one player, the second player is saved on the same player's data as the first... so in the end, there is only one player data saved... I want to be able to save my player state (for both of them) such as lives, health and score... thanks!

      - Marc .


Hi Marc,

How are you trying to save the data here ? I assume the two players are engaged in a game on separate devices ? Are you using challenges here ? 



I'm using LogEventRequest and i made a function for when its a new user it saves defaults values like 100 health 5 lives, etc and when it takes damage i save the data with its stats and the player can log in and retrieves his data

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