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Sell consumables on Xbox One / PS4 / Steam



I want to sell consumables on different platforms (XBox One, PS4, Steam), and I would like to use GameSparks to validate the purchases and credit the correct number of consumables to the player's inventory.

I would like to confirm a few things to help me get going:


Setup the different stores:

* I created a Virtual Good on GameSparks (e.g. : Gem), and I want to sell it in different quantities on each platform's store (10 / 100 / 1000 Gems).

* PSN and XDP do recommend to use different products for each quantity sold. Can I setup new Virtual Goods with these "bundles", and use the "Bundled Goods" field to award the correct number of Gem?


Purchase verification:

* Is it mandatory for Xbox One users to authenticate on the platform with XboxOneConnectRequest in order to validate purchases?

* If so, is there any documentation on how to setup the correct endpoints / NSAL on XDP?

* Can we use WindowsBuyGoodsRequest for purchases made on Xbox One? The API mentions "The xml reciept returned from the windows phone 8 store".

* Do the different BuyGoodsRequest automatically consume the entitlement / product on the platform side?


Steam purchasing server:

* Can GameSparks be used as a purchasing server for Steam?

* Is there any example of cloud code to help us get going?


Thank you.

Hi Gaetan,

I can see an agent has replied to your ticket so we can continue the conversation there.



Did you manage to get this working on Xbox One?
I'm trying to authenticate but I am at a loss on hoe to set everything up correctly



Hi Pieter,

The purchase validation cannot be done on Xbox One at the moment. I have been told this feature is in the backlog, without any precise ETA. I recommend you open a private ticket if you're looking for additional info from support.


Hi Guys,

As Gaetan mentioned Xbox One purchase validation is not currently supported. It is coming soon though. I'll update the thread when it is available for testing. Steam and PS4 iap validation is fully supported already.



Any word on progress integrating XBox One Purchase Validation?  Last comment was 8 months ago saying it was coming soon...

Thank you,  -Scott

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