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Crash on iOS shipping build.

Hello, I'm working in unreal engine4, my game works fine in iOS development built but crashes on shipping build. Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Crush happens every time when game connects to GameSparks service. (only on iOS shipping build)

Hi Zaur,

Have you got any logs in relation to the crash ?



Hi Zaur,

A fix is incoming for this issue.




I am currently facing the same issue but with the latest Unity SDK v5.6.5.214. I have opened a support ticket (#11642) and currently waiting for your reply. 

The issue is that an app signed with the App Distribution for submission triggers this issue during the Apple review, while a build with an Ad Hoc provisioning profile works as expected. The crash log follows in attachment.

Can you please give me an update about if you managed to fix this issue in the Unreal Engine SDK, and how could it now be happening in the Unity SDK?

This is our first project using the latest version of the GameSparks Unity SDK. We never had this issue with previous versions of the SDK.

Best regards,


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