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Discourse Integration

Even Twitter uses this -- they are a free, open source forum (the #1 on the internet). Everything on the forum is very intuitive (similar to this ticket system -- you can even paste images directly from clipboard, etc). 

Here is a sample <

They have a HUGE, JSON-based API with the ability to do anything and everything. They also offer plugins. If you made a plugin, and because they are open-source, you could have official GameSparks integration! Imagine being able to even login to a forum and have access to all your data. 

DigitalOcean also offers a 1-click setup for the forum, so it's relatively easy to setup for end-users, too. Everything is setup via the website after the initial setup.


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Hi Dylan,

It looks like Discourse has a REST API. You should be able to plug into that with SparkHttp without too much trouble. The JavaScript SDK could be used on a website to authenticate users and retrieve their data also. What is it you are looking to achieve here ? 



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