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Discord Integration

discord.js makes things SO EASY for .... anything and everything. There's all-too-many fun things you could do with their API:

Check it out :)

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Hi Dylan,

What is it specifically you would want to achieve with the Discord integration in relation to GameSparks ? 



I just noticed this reply: Discord auth -- then return essential information, much like your Steam auth (similar as in, it doesn't return an email, but does return tokens with useful info). Some native Discord features would allow us to do Discord bot stuff within the use of a 3rd-party API.

For example, we have a Discord bot that gets a webhook from in-game when people are starting games and a result of when they are finished. The data bounces all over the place, but if I could do that directly GS, that'd be way easier to manipulate data meant for Discord.



If they can login via Discord, this means that we can instantly get their Discord information if it's connected.


var msg = "Hello from " + Spark.getPlayerId();

channel.send(msg).then(message =>


    // Success



var discordHandle = Spark.Discord().handle;


var myServerId = "asdf123";

var guilds = Spark.Discord().guilds; // []

var isInMyServer = guilds.indexOf(myServerId) !== -1;


now that Discord offers a store, I wonder, do you have a roadmap for adding Discord integration?

Similar to Steam, it would integrate to the Discord Game SDK in that case:

- The user would authenticate with their Discord account, and GameSparks would use OAuth2 to 

- Discord friends would get imported to the GameSparks social network when the user logs in

- Monetary transactions would be deferred to the Discord store



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