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Photon CustomAuth + Other Integration?

For example, I could login to Photon via GameSparks. From there, could capture Photon callbacks and such integrated into your SDK.

Would be super convenient :) Although I recently discovered you guys support realtime, too, so I'm not sure if this would conflict in your business model ~ 

You can currently use Photon custom auth and callbacks with GameSparks, I tried this months ago and it works fine. These links will help you get going:

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Thanks - this helps a ton! I'm almost done, I just ran into 1 block:

I am providing an authentication token to prove they are currently authorized: how can I validate an AuthToken received from an AuthenticationResponse to prove they are already logged in in some form?

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Seems that this guy has a similar question (he wants to know how to validate the authToken):

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Any update on validate the authToken?

One way I've managed to do this is by using the undocumented Spark.systemCollection("player") then find my player document by id then check the authToken I got via photon authentication web hook.

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Thank you very much for great tip

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