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Retrieving details about bought Virtual Goods.


I've started experimenting with the VirtualGoods feature so that I can implement them into my game, and they look interesting and pretty easy to setup, however, I have a problem which I hope you guys can help me with.

The list of virtual-goods saved in the player object only contains the short code and quantity of each bought item, but I need more details about each bought item because I want to display them to the player, these details might be saved in the property set of the virtual good or just the general details like the price or the Tags, so how can I retrieve more info about The bought items? 

I tried saving each bought item in a runtime collection in the "BuyVirtualGoodResponse" script but I couldn't retrieve the details I needed there, it only contained the short code and quantity, I have also tried setting the data I need in the scriptData of the request ("BuyVirtualGoodsRequest") but still I couldn't access them in the "BuyVirtualGoodResponse" scriptData, it returned null.

Maybe I'm missing something about the scriptData?

And thanks


Can you guys check my question please?

Hi Yaser,

The ListTransactionRequest should be what you need here. It should return the data that you require. Try that and let me know if you have any further questions.



Hi Liam, thanks for your response.

I've checked it, it doesn't contain the property set and the tags of each virtual good bought by the player.

I probably have to save them in a runtime collection, but as I said, I couldn't retrieve the data of each virtual good when it is bought.


Is there a plan to add a functionality to retrieve all info about bought virtual-goods by the player?


Hey Yaser,

You could modify the ListTransactionResponse to get the VG details for each item and create a custom response for each item in the list.



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