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Daily Leaderboard not show all players


I am a free license user.

I have a  Daily leaderboard and I have 3 test user who are testing on mobile and unity.

Sometimes one or two users' scores not in leaderboards all day like today. When I test at "test harness" for submit score and get leaderboard, it is same.

I miss something or it is about free licence or something else?

Thank you

(104 KB)

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Okay figured this out. At 1:00 UTC GameSparks runs a script on their server that changes all  real time ranks into static ranks. It should run at 00:00 UTC  whats happening is the first hour of  ranks get posted real time with the haskkey UserID appended to it. If you call the Leader Board they'll display properly during this hour. 

So as you hit 1:00 UTC  Gamesparks will convert all your real time ranks to static ranks and since the leade rboards seem to default to showing static ranks before real time ones any scores posted the rest of the day will not be shown. They are still there just won't display until the next time the script runs at 1:00 UTC which leads you to having ranks listed out of order and the same rank as in two 1st place rankings

So is there a way I can get this script either to run at 00:00 UTC or disable it from running at all?   


Hi I'm running into this problem as well.  I followed the example for a daily high score leader board here  at

It seems to work fine but as the day progresses the ranks start getting messed up like in your screenshot. I have some test  user accounts with a static rank that display properly and then I have the entries that have just a rank with a hash key and user ID appended.  I have no idea why that second rank is generated? 

Hello again,

Please, check my new screenshot for this problem.

First user score is bigger than second's. But two users' rank properties are different.

Than you

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