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"Error getting Google Plus friends"

This exception is raised in the log VERY often in my live environment (I'm in beta):

  "_id": {
    "$oid": "597f68c8595ea804d184a077"
  "exception": "401 Unauthorized\n{\n  \"code\" : 401,\n  \"errors\" : [ {\n    \"domain\" : \"global\",\n    \"location\" : \"Authorization\",\n    \"locationType\" : \"header\",\n    \"message\" : \"Invalid Credentials\",\n    \"reason\" : \"authError\"\n  } ],\n  \"message\" : \"Invalid Credentials\"\n}",
  "message": "Error getting Google Plus friends for player 5963dc78f9e80304e309e137",
  "level": "ERROR",
  "ts": {
    "$date": {
      "$numberLong": "1501522120353"

It occurs for a large amount players. 

Those players seems to generally (at least) have successfully connected themselves using their GooglePlay account, and are active in the game. GooglePlay authentication is required for them to log in at this point. 

However, I do not need access to their Google Plus friends.

Any ideas about what is going on here?

The error seems to be raised when the player log into his account through a GooglePlusConnectRequest call.

The player is successfully logged in but this error is raised anyway. 

This thing is flooding my script.log collection...


Is there any news about this?

I'm also facing this problem, but I suspect that this is not a merely "warning" message.

A lot of our users are complaining about the impossibility to login with Google Plus, I think that, at least on the first try after the player has been created, the connection actually fails.

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